This Month's General Meeting:

Meeting Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Reunion - Encrypting Your Email - Mac Maintenance - Vacation Websites

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What better way to end Tax Day 2014 than to attend our April general meeting where we'll be featuring the following presentations:

George Ajjan will give a demonstration of the Reunion, genealogy (family tree) application. Reunion makes it easy to document and display information about your family’s ancestors, descendants, cousins, etc. and to display the family relationships in an elegant, graphic form.

Email is the most ubiquitous method of communication on the Internet today. Its built into almost every device, from phones and tablets to traditional computers and gaming devices. But what most people don’t know is that email is not secure - it can be compromised - on your devices, on the networks it travels across, on the servers that store the emails, and on your recipient’s devices. Jerry Glacken will give a demonstration of how to encrypt and secure your email communications using GPG. From installation, creating and distributing keys, encrypting, decrypting, and signing, Jerry will show you everything you need to know to keep your email communications private.

Next, Bruce Mittelman will give a demonstration of two staple Mac maintenance programs: AppleJack and DiskWarrior. AppleJack is a command-line utility that makes a number of troubleshooting procedures available via singler-user mode at startup. And it makes these procedures easy to perform for the common Mac user. DiskWarrior is a powerful utility which prevents and resolves hard disk directory damage, allowing you to recover files, folders, and other data.

Finally, Louis Perez will give another installment of his “Magical Mystery Tour of the Web” which provides a variety of interesting Web sites pertaining to a particular topic. This month’s “tour” will focus on “Vacation Web sites”.

So come on out and join us for a great night of fun and learning.

General Information:

The New Jersey Macintosh Users Group (NJMUG) is a computer club which focuses on all things Apple. Whether you use a Macintosh computer, Apple iPod, Apple iPad, or Apple iPhone our meetings will allow you an opportunity to learn as well as share your experience with other like-minded individuals. NJMUG currently has approximately 45 members whose knowledge ranges from beginner to expert.

Members of the general public who are considering membership in NJMUG may attend two general meetings as NJMUG guests; otherwise, meetings are open to members only. Membership in NJMUG is $30.00 per year and entitles you to attend monthly meetings as well as the numerous other member benefits.

Meeting Time and Location:

NJMUG general monthly meetings occur on the third Tuesday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m. and ending at 9:45 p.m. From 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. we have our "Question and Answer" session, discuss the latest Apple news, and talk about general Macintosh, iPad, iPhone and iPod technology. The main presentations begin at 8:00 p.m.

NJMUG holds its monthly meetings at the Allwood Branch of the Clifton Library. Our meeting room is at the back of the library right against the parking lot. (Get Directions)

Wireless Internet Access:

We offer wireless Internet access at our meeting location. Members are able to bring their laptops or other wireless devices and obtain Internet access during our monthly meetings.

Future Meeting Dates:

NJMUG general monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month.

Meeting agendas will be posted on the website approximately 2 weeks prior to the meeting date. Upcoming meeting dates are as follows:

2014 General Meeting Dates:
  • May 20
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Past Meetings:

Past meeting agendas along with public distribution files are available on our meeting archive page. Monthly member-only distribution files are available for download in the members section.

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